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Newman in the shelter
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Update 09-22-11

Hello Everyone! It has been almost a year and a half since we have done an update. Of course if you have read in the previous update we had to shut down and move for job opportunities. Well a year and a half later I am a full fledged Paramedic and my husband is well established working on a helicopter as a medic.

We are still not doing full time rescue and it will probably be a long while before we do it again.

We still rescue on a very limited basis. Right now it is usually strays that are dumped on our county road way in the middle of nowhere. So we really rarely get dalmatians as of right now.

Since we currently do not function on donations everything is out of pocket. Please visit the Adoptable Dogs page to see what our adoption process is.

Home Again can currently temp foster for other rescues, transport and pull. See the Contact us page to contact the right person for the area the dog is in. We have no long term foster homes.

Update 02-15-10

Home Again Rescue has to shut down as my husband was offered a job 2 hours from where we are located as was I, so we need to move/relocate. Since we have to move we can no longer take in any more dogs and are looking for rescues for the ones we have now, or forever homes would be the best. We work out of our house so this is why it must be done. The sooner it happens the better as we need to get the house fixed, new carpet and the list goes on so we can put the house on the market. We may or may not re-open the rescue over in Mississippi. We may just consider fostering for another Dalmatian Rescue, since both of us will have jobs we just wont have time to do the rescue anymore. It was fun, frustrating, rewarding, stressfull, giving and everything else while we did it. We want to thank everyone who supported us in the 1 1/2 that we did the rescue. The new jobs offers are life changing and I can not wait until we get over there.

If any rescue can help take some of our dogs let us know, we will keep the webpage up for awhile so I can put our story up and so I can promote future dogs that may be fostered.

Thank You

Update 01-28-10

We come into the new year busy. There have been alot of dalmatian and dalmatians mixes in need but we have not been able to pull do to financial hardship.

We do have good news though as Sweet Pea and Rascal got adopted over the last month. Rascal has been with us for a year now and we finally found her a perfect home. Sweet Pea didnt take long to find her a home as she was just such a cute. Thanks to Tanya Kittrell we were able to get Sweet Pea to South Carolina.

We will be working on continuing to reduce our numbers before we pull more. We have had a couple generous donations toward some of our dogs to help them get them the vet care they need.

Thanks to David Lewis, Becky Connrad, Jodie Kelly, J Clemons, and Edgar Muffin for recent donations.

This is Red. He was found at the Vaiden, MS gas station in June. Staff stated that he had been there for 2 weeks. He was skinny and had a severe laceration to his rear paw that required stitches. He is young around 1yr old. He is good with non dominant dogs and cats. He would be great with an active and older children. He walks well on a leash, kennel trained, rides in the car, appears to be house trained and he is learning very fast with his basic commands.

If you are interested in Red you must be within 4 hours of Vaiden, MS or Hartselle AL, have a fenced in yard and be allowed indoors with the family. Please go to the Adoptable Dogs page to see the process.

Home Again Dalmatian Rescue is a non profit incorporated rescue that rescues dogs from kill shelters. We rescue more than just dalmatians but still mainly with purebred dogs. We rarely take in owner release dogs but treat each case individually and have taken dogs from owners before if they were to go to a kill shelter or were living outside. If you would like to give a home to a rescue dog you are in the right place. These dogs have gone through alot and are now safe and looking for wonderful homes that will never abandon them again.

Home Again does not have a kennel but work with foster homes. Home Again can temp foster in 2 different locations Winona, MS with Stacy Bosarge and Hartselle AL with Gilda Turner. We have a few approved foster homes throughout Alabama but we are working on getting more.

Please bear with us while our page is under construction, we had to switch out hosting providers and also have limited access to internet. Some of the links will not be working- update 9-22-11 Thank you

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